Surrealists In Solidarity With The 4th International

Ode to Stalin

In Uncategorized on April 4, 2012 at 7:44 pm

“Does he shit then, the beloved Gobalmightyarsehole? Does he really shit?”

“Yes, HE does shit.”

“No, I refuse to believe it! Something like that could change the face of the earth! Surely it cannot be real shit that HE shits, our brilliantfatherofthepeople, the Beloved Gobalmightyarsehole? No it must be real Russian leather he shits! Tell a white lie! Have pity on we of little faith!”

“No, HE really does shit shit.”

“But it’s not possible! Surely his arsehole is made of platinum? Isn’t his arsehole bunged up with a finely cut emerald as big as my head?”

“No, HE has a greenish arsehole in fact, around which extend divine haemorroids that hang down in latrine juice and sway back and forth when HE makes the effort to force HIS dung as he growls and grimaces and ooh, ooh, ooh!”

“But still HE must have a golden prick, our Beloved sixthhighestoftheglobe? You can’t say he does it like every­one else! The Olympian Zeus had one but it was not functional, like a poetic image of the moon in the style of Aragon. But HE, the Grandbrilliantbeloved Gobalmight­yarsehole, HE! He has to inseminate the Party’s hysterical women every morning over breakfast.”

“No, HE always gets hoodwinked, Alleluia!”

“Liar! Scumbag! Our need to believe is so great that in that case everything would have to be started all over again!”

“Not at all, you just need to eat it, HIS shit!”

Maurice Blanchard, 1947


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