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We will play other games

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A SurrIV statement on the 2012 Olympics

We confidently predict that the Austerity Olympics will be remembered more for their presentation off-field than for any outstanding sporting achievements to come.

For the long shadows of surface to air missiles over Tower Hamlets.

For warships moored along the Thames.

For the homeless priced out of the ‘market’ by landlords eager to turn a fast buck.

For the jarring incongruity of sponsors who, like Dow Chemicals, take the breath away.

Citius, Altius, Fortius – do you want fries with that?

For the ticket prices which stick two fingers up to working class people.

For the eleven miles of Iron Curtain: an electrified border around the neoliberal Narnian bubble where they steal your food at the entrance in order to sell you Turkish Delight at an extortionate price within.

Enough of this Olympic spectacle which appals and repels even before the first ball is kicked, the first race is run, the first medal awarded or career summarily ended by a piss-test!

We will play other games.

Games of chance and games of wonder. Games of awakening consciousness, of mass participation and collective goals – liberty, ecology, social justice. In short, the ideals and interests of humanity in all its myriad diversity.

In furtherance of these ends, we advance two immediate demands:

The Olympic games must be repatriated to Greece forever and run for the benefit of the Greek people, not for multinational profiteers. The staging of the games to be paid for by the rest of the so-called ‘international community’ until such time as all debts owed to the people of Greece are deemed to be paid in full.

The games to be accompanied by the Parthenon marbles and placed at the disposal of all those resisting austerity on the streets, to be broken up into small chunks and hurled at the Troika.

This sport to be played by all.